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Music that makes people move has always been an integral part of Kramer’s life. As a teenager growing up in suburban Connecticut, while his friends were listening to classic rock and top 40, Kramer was making mixtapes of European new wave, Chicago industrial and dance tracks from the Madchester scene. Naturally drawn to music with a 4/4 beat, that early exposure to dance music in high school led him to California in the mid 90's, where the Los Angeles and San Francisco rave and underground music scenes eventually drew him onto the decks.  Influenced by legends like Sasha & Digweed, Danny Tenaglia, Steve Lawler and Deep Dish, Kramer learned how to craft a musical journey and own a dance floor. After twenty years behind the decks, Kramer is a veteran of the San Francisco dance music scene with a style that is uniquely his.

Kramer is also co-founder of DISTRIKT, the legendary Burning Man day party. What started out as a box truck in the desert with a set of Technics 1200’s and a pair of speakers, has grown into one of the most well known parties in the world. As executive producer and co-music director, Kramer has helped to curate the sound and style that DISTRIKT has become famous for.  Hosting over 40,000 people during the Burning Man event, the DISTRIKT dance floor is like nothing else on earth, and for more than a decade Kramer has hosted the final sunset party at DISTRIKT with his annual Saturday Closing Party DJ set.

Kramer lives in San Francisco and tours year-round, bringing the sound and energy of DISTRIKT to dance floors around the world.